Secret Origins

I’ve spent a lot of my life creating characters.

Some were for gaming.

Some were for stories.

Some were both.

A select few became my friends the summer I was 11.

My family moved from the city where I had spent my entire childhood to a new city a couple of hours away.  We moved right after school was out and between trips to visit family and summer vacation, I didn’t really make any friends that summer.

Instead, I made them up.

I created a whole universe of heroes and villains that I made up stories about.

I didn’t write them down, but I got to know these characters inside and out.

Over time, I made friends that shared my interests.

We played the Marvel Superhero RPG.  We created our own team.

Years later, a friend and I wrote a short story featuring some of those characters.

A couple of years after that, one of my friends and I decided to try to pitch our team.  We put together a modest proposal and took our team to SDCC.

Nobody bought, but we had a blast.

Now, I’m ready to put pen to paper, so to speak, and give a voice to these characters.

Buckle up!

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