On the old coast road there is a city.

In that city, there is a story.

A legend.

An urban myth.

They say the city has a guardian. Continue reading “Blackbow”

Under the Covers – Daredevil #163

daredevil-163Comics are, obviously, a visual medium.

Oftentimes a striking cover will be enough to sell an issue.

This new series will, from time to time, take a look at some of the covers that grabbed my attention along the way.

We’ll start off with this March 1980 issue of Daredevil. Continue reading “Under the Covers – Daredevil #163”

Welcome to My World

I’ve created a lot of characters over the years. Some have seen the light of day.  Most haven’t. That doesn’t mean they don’t still live on in my head. I’ve had this domain for a long time. I’ve never really known what to do with it. Then one day I had a random thought. That tends to happen. “What if the Mayan Calendar didn’t signal the end of the world, but rather the end of an era?” I did some research and that’s pretty much what it means. So, what if all those characters living in my head shared a … Continue reading Welcome to My World